Thursday, April 23, 2009

Iced Zoo Cookies

Don't you just LUUUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVVVVV Zoo Cookies?
Proudly South African!!

We used to lick of the white animal, then eat of the biscuit sides and try to eat of the back of the biscuit. The coloured icing was the best and last part we ate. it was so much fun!!! Sticky fingers, sticky face, haha!!

Even thought the Zoo Cookies aren't the same as it were 20 years ago( but then, what is?), it still tastes the same!!!

ooooooh, i just luv these!!!



Helen said...

I LOVE Zoo-biscuits! We have a game where you have to identify the animal before you can eat them, it has lead to many interesting arguments! And you have to eat the animal first, then the biscuit and then the other icig. It's the only way!

desi said...

Yeah, Zoo cookies is my fav too!! YUMMMYUMMM


Maryx said...

I think they destroyed the pictures on the cookies in the past decade or so. Urgh! But yeah, love 'em! Although I like to eat the whole thing, wanna taste it all together. Heehee!

PS - The word verification = 'coment'


desi said...

yes i agree...the cookies are definately not the same anymore!!

haha, word verification can be funny sometimes..heehee