Wednesday, April 8, 2009

loooong roadtrip tips

This easter we are going to a wedding 1000km's away....sssoooooooooo! what can one do on a long roadtrip like that?

- Sightseeing
That'll keep you busy for a while!

- Take photos
Wherever you stop, take out your camera, you never know what beau pic you may get!

- Start a new book

I got this neat book as a pressie and I cant wait to start reading! Thank you so much Nanny!!! :)
Read the review of the book by New York Times here

- Sleep
Take your favourite pillow with and pass out! That's if you are not the driver.

- Eat
This is your chance to pack in all the stuff you like!! Smarties, Niknaks, meatballs..YAY!! Or make Jellybean cookies at home and pack it innnn..haha!

- Music
Don't forget the most important!! Make a cool compilation cd of all your favourite songs!
The Pixies is my alltime fav!

I hope that helps!

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