Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chewy Tuesday


LUNCH. It was one of my colleague's Bday yesterday at the office and this was our treat!

Boerewors (boar-er-vorsh) Rolls with Mrs. Balls Chutney!
Boerewors Rolls are hot dog buns filled with a minced beef cured sausage, usually topped with a sauce of your choice. May it be Chutney, Tomato Sauce, Musterd, or SMOOR. Smoor is onion an tomato finely chopped with spices, vinegar and mustard cooked together.
sooooo YUMMMMMMM!!!

And this brings me to our Proudly South African Braaiing! A bit more primitive than America's Barbeque. We braai on the ground, on rocks, in a braai built with bricks or anything you like!

We use REAL wood and go nowhere without our 'BRAAISOUT' and most of the time we eat the meat from the coals, no dishes! what a bargain! :D

We also make tasty braaibroodjies, onions and sweet potatoes in foil, but THAT will be a story for another Chewy Tuesday!

Happy eating!!


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