Thursday, June 4, 2009

Feeling good..

Feeling good in the morning sun

Caffeine is an addictive drug, which alters the brain's natural state, and stimulates it in a manner similar to the amphetamines cocaine and heroin.

Nicotine produces all the good feelings that draw people back for another cigarette.
Smoking or chewing tobacco makes people feel good, even mildly euphoric.

I'm looking at the brightside here, so lets forget ALL the negative stuff about these 2 addictions..
fyi : I don't smoke and I only drink coffee when I'm in a nice coffee shop... ;)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE COFFEE. I don't care that it has addictive qualities, I'll always be back for more!!! But cigarettes, puke-yuck! Hate them!

I feel good when I'm having my "morning cuppa" on the porch with the sun shining and the birds singing...I think I'm addicted to the experience, really!

desi said...

oh i wish i could sit in the morning sun everyday, then maybe I'll also start having a cuppa everyday! :) I go to work when it's stil dark...and get back home when it start getting dark again :(

I saw you spa post! oooo, i'm so jealous!! it looks lovely there!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Desi! That sounds like my old job, I left before 5am and only got home after 7pm most days. Terrible that is! I wish you lots of sunshine!

Oh gosh, the spa is lovely. I'm noticing that more people are going now that summer is creeping up! Hope it doesn't get too busy or else I'll have to sit on the lap of a cute guy in the hot tub...oh imagine that? Ha ha! I wouldn't hate it, lol!

desi said...

LOL! i guess you'll be going there a lot at the busy times then...haha!

Winter is upon us, so its RAIN RAIN RAIN..heeeheeeee!


Have a kewl day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, I'm all talk no action! LOL...have a great day yourself!

Nahl said...

Coffee and Shisha (hukkah)!!