Thursday, June 18, 2009

For the soccer fans

As most of you know, next year the Soccer World Cup is in South Africa....

Go check out this blog for really good photos of Cape Town and how the Greenpoint Stadium are progressing!

: Greenpoint Stadium & Cape Town

I am not a soccer fan at all, but the stadium is really amazing! you'll have to come to SA and come see for yourself! ;)


Being Brazen said...

the greenpoint stadium is looking cool. I was worried they wouldnt be able to finish it - but seems like they will :)

desi said...

I think alot of people was worried about that...haha!

they are really movin it! :D

FromJoanne said...

Thank you Desi Thats sweet of you
also check out the official Cape Town Tourism mini 2010 website
There is a gallery of photos with the progress of the stadium

Anonymous said...

Hi Desi! I'm a soccer fan during the World Cup! I watch every 4 years, it's so exciting! We have a soccer league in Canada, but it's not very popular!

Oana Maria said...

Thanks desi! I like that you have the same pasion as me, photography. :D
Keep it like this, Oana.