Monday, June 15, 2009

a friendship poem...

choose friends wisely, the portrait they paint
it's who you are and who you ain't.

friendship is life's great support
when friends are of the right sort.

for all your dreams do they make room,
or bring you down with doom and gloom?

you will know a friendship is true
when it brings out the best in you.

~david leonhardt


bookmanie said...

Hello Desi.
Interesting what you say here, but Bookmanie is not at all agree. First on the choice of text, this text would instead reference "to the people concerned" materially. If it is a critical comment on blogger. What would you do? If we were to eliminate all those who support their neighbor morally launches phrases of encouragement, there would be more on blogger. No, friendship is at the bedside of a patient finds that it is in situations of great distress it is detected. You confuse the materialistic and friends. Personally, I never had the opportunity to know (friends), this simply means that so far I never found in very difficult situations. Bookman.
(This comment will be the subject of an article on my blog, with a new link to yours, I have great esteem for you, believes this is not always friendship.)

desi said...

Hi Bookmanie,
Thanx for commenting :)

no..this poem is not posted for someone/thing specific. I posted it because when I read it, it was very true, in a deeper way..

After your comment I saw that the poem can be interpreted in a few ways though..I understand what you mean. Other blogger's insets are very important, because it sometimes open your eyes for a different viewpoint!

I definately do not mean it in the materialistic way. I do not care if a friend has got 5 houses and cars or none, for me it is about someone to whomI can talk to, be myself, be happy with and trust.

Friends can be a portrait of one's personality..but its not the everything about the person.

This poem is almost like a warning to be careful who you trust and let into your heart..

maybe i'm totally wrong! what do you think?

Mel said...

it's a joint effort. Eat it n Run!

Two best friends reading your friendship poem

It's B.E.A.Uuuuuuutiful!!!!!

desi said...


Thank you Mel!


Mel said...