Monday, June 8, 2009

Tea Party

now THIS is what you call a "Teaparty"!


queen said...

hi desi... you must think that im really rude not answering your question about reading....sorry i hadnt realised you responded to that comment till i was catching up with you today. I dont always get a chance to get read everyones blog as regularly as i would like. I stopped reading because of time.... there just isnt enough sad! I hope that when my kids and the big kids my inlaws are less demanding then im gonna read and read and read!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is really nice! I love the idea of a teaparty!

Patinador Sagrado. said...

thank´s for your comment, this picture is not mine! jaja! I speak spanish, i´m from argentina & my english it´s very very bad.
Nice place! nice pictures!

NACHO said...

You'll see, "patinador sagrado" is a good friend of mine, and I'm here to explain you a few things about him, but it's too late, I guess..... Anyway, he forgot to tell that you don't worry about understanding what he said, lot of people find it difficult to understand, even when they speak their own language!...jejejeje
I think he is a genius, a crazy one, but genius at last!....
Well.... I have to go! Bye!
Oh! and nice blog! really nice!

P.S.: My english is even worse than my friend's!!

NACHO said...

oh !...... I forgot, "comfortably numb" is one of my favorite songs (but the ringtone on my cell phone is "high hopes")..... jejeje.... I love your blog!