Thursday, July 30, 2009

Intruders!!!!!! :O

Some kind of little creatures are living in my Pentax's not inside the camera or in the lens, it looks like its inside the viewfinder... :O !!!!!

2 months ago there was only 1 little guy, so I didn't really worry, just thought it was a lost soul..but now there are TWO!!!! AND they're getting biggerrr!!

It doesnt affect the photos, but sure does interfere with my concentration while taking the pics!!
what do they live from? how big does this goggas get? maybe this can be my experiment..

Click on photos to enlarge for better inspection..

Have you seen anything like this before?


thingsIlove said...

OMG...that's really annoying!

desi said...

hahaaaaaa! yeah....
i'm worried bout how big this things ar egoing to get..heeeheeee

bookmanie said...

Hi desi. You let your trainer certainly in the wild. It looks like tiny aphids found on wild grasses. Your technical photographer isolate in this blue circle that makes me think of the earth seen from far away in space e. Sorry, sometimes I also let my mind wander. Bookmanie

desi said...

haha!! yes, those creatures are in their own planet and we are the aliens!! lol!

Anonymous said...

That would bug the [bleep] out of me!!!! I hope it's not like "alien" where they just keep getting bigger and nastier then eventually destroy the earth!!! OMG Desi! LOL

bookmanie said...

"Just few people to jam reception of the perception of the real world. That is what inspires me your photo. Also, small in this world are quickly caught in the machinery, large touch not even there." Bookmanie.

Fin said...


desi said...

hi Rain! :) i think this is one of those..."keep getting bigger and nastier then eventually destroy the earth!!!" type of goggas...but they just wont destroy he earth..they'll destroy my VIEW from the earth!!
And i see eveything through the lenses of my cameras! :)

@ Bookmanie..see my post of today...the doors of perception..

Fin...hahahaaa!! so funny...can't be ticks though, no need to worry...those creatures run too fast..