Friday, July 10, 2009

Is it weekend already?!!


Mega8815 said...

Yup!! Can you NOT believe that?! I LOVE weekends! I LIVE for weekends! Next weekend can come slowly though... The whole of next week can come slowly though.


jeff said...

J'adore ce T-shirt ! Superbe !...;)
Et bienvenue sur le blog Life is... ! Thankx a lot !

Bises !...8)

life said...

:)it's very nice this t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I guess I'm a little late, Sunday now! Love that photo!!! Hope you're having a nice weekend Desi!

Lucy said...

Great page to wake a person up. The enthusiasm is great. You and Rain are keeping your pages lively.

Helen said...

Stunning! Hope you had a good weekend!

desi said...

Mega..yip..weekends are the thing that keeps me going in the week! :) Why don't you want next weekend to come?

Jeff.. Thanks very much! i don't speak french but translated your message. For those who also don't know french :
"I love this T-shirt ! Superb !...;) and welcome on the blog Life is... ! Thankx a lot ! Bises !...8) " translated through, thanx! My litte sister's T!

Rain..haha, yes, i had a lovely weekend!! was so much fun! i love your post on the smiling tree! :)

Lucy..thank you!! blogging is so much fun. I also just LOVE rain's blog a lot!!

Hey Helen..also hope you had a cool weekend!! i need rest after mine! ;)