Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blogger Friends Photo Club

Hi there Everyone!!

I've had a lot going on lately, thus the reason for the quiet blogs! I took over a PHOTOCLUB from another bloggerfriend and am VERY excited! Why don't you go have a look and see if you would like to JOIN OUR CLUB!!

Its great fun!

Each month there will be a theme where you send in your photos. After month end I'll post it on the site for everyone to see and to comment and meet new photo freaks like us! There will also be a slideshow of the month's entries on Photobucket.
During the month I will do posts with tips or inspiration regarding that month's theme.

Here is the previous months' slideshows :
May : Reflections
June : Air
July : Hands

This month's theme is MOVE (movement, moving, remove etc)

I am looking forward to all of your entries!!




Being Brazen said...


desi said...

:D YAY!!

bookmanie said...

I understand, Desi, your state of arousal. For a photographer, opening a door as big as the universe has been opened. This image should be seen and understood by the world. Bookman.

NACHO said...

Thanks! is a drawing I did for one of my poems.... I'm glad you like it!

Thanks for signing!


desi said...

hi Bookmanie! Good to see you again! Hope you are entering this month! :D

Hi there Nacho! your drawings are good!

Lydia said...

That is very exciting, Desi! I might try this after I get my life organized!
This shot is simple and sweet. Very relaxing.

desi said...

I am looking forward to your entry...whenever you are ready Lyds!!