Friday, August 14, 2009

Enjoy!! :D

(be)for(e) the weekend :

"Ive been thinking Hobbes--
"On a weekend?!"
"Well, it wasn't on purpose..."

~~Calvin & Hobbes

(i just LOVE real sunflare in a photo!)

Hope you do the same..don't think, just chill!! I'm definately trying that one for a change.
Today is a too lovely day to be at work...damn

My Giveaway ends Sunday at YOU go have a look now and send me them emails! :D


bookmanie said...

Dési Hello, and thank you for everything you do. The idea of your Photoclub is great. I miss you, in that moment, I am very busy with many matters of a professional, it is not serious, but I need all my concentration to be able to resolve and finalize maximum. Your blogs are very good, they ask for comments and answers that can not make too hasty. These are the reasons for my temporary absence. Dési soon. Bookman.

Lydia said...

I love the sun in your photo. It's a very positive post!

desi said...

Bookmanie...i understand! you do what you have to do! i liked your last few posts you had about life etc..
:D Good luck!

Hey Lydia..yes..calvin and hobbes are really funny but a lot of things they say are very true. I took that photo when I was climbing/walking out Lions Head at Table Mountain..was a hectic day and that was the first shade in hours! :) that tree saved me :D
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Desi!!!! I love that photo of the tree! Glorious with the sunflare. Just wanted to let you know I'm still around, just kind of distracted. I probably won't participate in the photo blog until I get my move settled in the fall, I'm even having a hard time writing on my blog and taking photos here...ugh! But I will definitely check it out to see all the great entries for "move"...
Have a great weekend!!!

Being Brazen said...

Hope you having a great weekend.


desi said...

hey rain! Glad you are still here! :D Good luck with all your work!! d

thanx Brazen, hope yours was wonderful too...we had LOVELY weather!! :D