Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holiday on the horizon


Goodday all blogger friends! I hope you are having a fab week so far...we are ALMOST halfway through..positive thinking people, positive thinking.

yes, I know one should not wish your time away, but its that time of year for me and all I dream about is my upcoming December holiday. Whooppeeee, I don't even know what I'm going to do with 3 free weeks on my hands. Probably just chilling...maybe a roadtrip, a bit of sightseeing, taking photos, going somewhere I haven't been before, which is not difficult because one tend to not tour through your own country. Always wanting to go overseas, and by that missing out on all the beautifull places we have in South Africa...and there ARE many!

I am off halfday today!! YAY!! my sister is visiting so we are going to watch "My sister's Keeper" (jaja, so predictable! ) , bake cupcakes, play Putt Putt. YEAH!!

just a reminder for you to send in your photos for Blogger Friends Photo Club.
The theme for September is.....


So bring it on! Read HERE for instructions.
Start Snapping!!

cheers vir eers!


Ella Unread said...

Oh I watched that movie a while ago! It's good, sad but good. Be prepared though :P
I love the fact that tomorrow is Wednesday...my days go by rather fast, my months have gone by fast...December...I'm excited but I can't lie, being the first Holidays away from my family..I don't know what my heart and mind will feel like.

Razvan said...


desi said...

My Sister's keeper is a fantastic movie! A definate must see for every person out there! heyhey its FRIDAYY!!

RAZ..something i am considering :)