Monday, March 1, 2010

Bollywood and Belly Dancing

Today i wish it could still be weekend.   :)

I watched a Bollywood movie yesterday and i liked it!! Wow, wish i could dance and sing like that girls...amazing!  If you've got any good Bollywood movies to recommend..Bring it on! :)

The singing and dancing motivated me to try out Belly Dancing classes! Been to one before and it was great! It's hectic excercise but definately worth it! Its fun and a lot of laughs!! :)

If you live in Cape Town you can go HERE to read more about the classes. Its not expensive and they even come to your home! Its also a fantastic idea for a Kitchen Tea!

I must help organise my friend's kitchen tea...anyone got more ideas? Anything would be handy!!
but please mail me the ideas because she also reads my blog!!  ;)


**Got photos here **


Elise said...

fab idea - well done you for posting it !!!

rubashini said...

Hey girl,
I would recommend you to watch the video clips of the songs titled "kajra re" from the movie Bunty Aur Bubly & the song "Aaja Nachale" from the movie Aaja Nachale. There are loads more but these are the only two that I can think of currently.By the way what is the tittle of the movie you watched=) Just curios. You have a great day ahead.Take care.


desi said...

Hey Elise, Do you do Ballet yourself too? :) Thanx for stopping by!! :D

Rubashini...i have NO idea what the name of the movie was. Was about 3 girls competing for this role in a movie..and how it goes bad and then how friendship conquers etc etc..!! :)
Thanx so much for the recommendations..gonna search it on youtube! :)
Hava fantastic day!! :)

love desi

desi said...

hey ruby..its not easy finding bollywood movies in cape town.. :(

i dont know anyone who likes them..eish