Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday I only worked till 13h00...

then I went home and did the following : 

Sorted out my kitchen Cupboards
Sorted out all my magazines in categories eg Fashion/Beauty, Home, Food, Crafts, Photography
Washed the dishes and packed them away
Made the best oats & coconut Chocolate cookies in the world..YUM
Washed 2 bundles of washing which included bedding and towels
Made Paella and rice for supper
Washed the dishes AGAIN
Read through some of the magazines I re-discovered
put curlers in my hair  - just kidding! ;)
Made a little crochet flower
and then went to sleep.

What a productive day!!

1 comment:

Maryx said...

Ag is jy nie net te oulik nie huh?! WOW girl that's awesome! =) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Productive days like this!