Friday, March 26, 2010

Long time no speak!!

wow, i've missed you all!! Having no internet for almost a week is not ayoba! What did the world do in those days??  :)  They cooked...and for fun? The baked! :) I would settle for that!

It's Friday!!! YAY!!

Here are some of my favourite blogs that can keep  you busy this weekend :

Mega Ramblings
Being Brazen
Lana Lou
Miss Molly
The Coterie Blog
Magic Lantern Show
Jadore Vogue

Most of them are South African! :)


***NOTE : 
This lovely photo was removed! ;)
go HERE to see it
Got it on flicker but now i know who the photographer is ! She's got some very good self portraits!! :)


love ya much!


Maryx said...

Oh I'm honored lovely lady... Thank You! =D Hoop jy't een stunning naweek en 'n leke kort week volgende week. Ek's is Woensdag aand die 31ste oppad Amanzimtoti toe! Can't wait! =D

Luduen said...

I invite you remove my picture from your post, not if you read on the spot from where did you get that says: No usar esta imagen en páginas web, blogs u otros soportes sin mi autorización, © Todos los derechos reservados.
Do not use this image on websites, blogs or other half without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

I think a lack of respect that you are using without my permission and still more without putting a link that goes to the author of the photo, in this case, me!!

I hope my image immediately delete your post

(google translate)


Maryx said...

I'm sure Desi didn't mean not to link you. I also use photo's from Tumblr and flickr etc. The owner of the pictures are not always mentioned. No need to get angry sweetie.

Luduen said...

For that reason, I think by not mentioning a lack of respect. I hope that soon remove my picture from your blog!

desi said...

Hi Luduen,

i am sorry if i upset you by using your picture. It's really a stunning photo!
I will remove it or if you want I can link it back to your blog / website.

Have a great day!! :)

desi said...

oh..and thanx MARYX!! Nice to have friends like you!! :)

Have a fabulous day!!

Nishant said...

I think by not mentioning a lack of respect. I hope that soon remove my picture from your blog!
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desi said...

Nishant, did i use a photo of yours too?


Maryx said...

Pleasure sweetie. but now Nishant confused me even further!


desi said...

Oh's over lets move on with our lives and have fun! :)

you already packed for easter weekend ? I must start packing tonight! :D

Maryx said...

Me tooooo!! I have so much to do tonight and I won't have time tomorrow. Where you off to?? I can't wait for the sun and sea! =D

desi said...

Im going to my family on the West Coast..can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Luduen said...

Hi Desi!
Okay, I would love to put my picture would be a sincere compliment, sorry for my reaction is that I felt bad to see a picture of me and did not make reference to the author. I would have liked me to ask permission before, but I understand that's what happened.
Sorry for my English, is a google translation
Have a nice day!