Friday, March 12, 2010

Owen, this is for you

Just because you like it so much! 
I hanged it on my wall and it looks GREAT! :)

See original HERE 
See Owen's blog HERE

PS : There's something in the mail for you! ;)


Lydia said...

That is so cool! Owen sure picked a winner and it looks fantastic on your wall. :)

desi said...

heehee, thanx Lydia!!how have you been? have a great weekend! :)

Owen said...

Hi Desi ! It took me a little while to get here, a busy week at work... ahhh that famous and haunting photo ! Those lips and that coffee mug ! Hmmm, and I'm wondering, it just hit me just now, seems to me those lips have a little bit of resemblance to an actress whose lips one can't help but admire... are you familiar with Juliette Lewis ?

In any case, many thanks for sharing this ! Am also wondering what is on the left side of the photo here ??? A great weekend to you Desi !

desi said...

Juliet Lewis..yeah now that you mention it I also see a resemblance! Juliet Lewis is a stunning actress! :) She plays her roles very well.

On the left side is purple flowers i picked at my works garden. Its those flowers that stays purple forever! :)
PURfect PURple flowers :D