Friday, March 5, 2010

roadtrip galore

I'm leaving for the West Coast today! Whoopee Whoopee YAY!!! 
Haven't seen my grandparents in 3 weeks!! (that's a lot for me..i missssss them!!)
Click HERE to see all the pics I've taken on the West Coast of South Africa.

Another blogger going on a roadtrip this weekend is BEING BRAZEN. But she is going up the East Coast!  (Be sure to visit her blog. It's AWESOMMMMMMEE)



Blonde Bookworm! said...

Wow what a beautiful picture!! Have a great time with your grandparents, I always loved going to visit mine :) Woohoo to the weekend!! PS. In retrospect it really was a great date =)

Maryx said...

Geniet dit skattie!! Ek en my oupa en ouma is nog alipad BAIE close. Ek's baie bly vir jou! =D