Thursday, March 4, 2010

Socks & Scarfs

It may still be a bit early for South Africans to think about winter - this heatwave is hectic -  but i am looking forward to winter just to wear socks and scarfs!!! :)

oh, and i want this skirt


Being Brazen said...

I cant wait for socks and scarves too :)

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

add me to that list too. but i'm also excited for gloves and hats.
it's gonna be an awesome winter!

Maryx said...

I'm a winter baby. I CANNOT WAIT!!! Summer is not for me. Most definitely not.

Somehow I picture you to be something like the picture in your post. Style-wise.


Elise said...

I love scarves too....but here in the Uk it never gets too hot for them in summer - not sure if that's good or bad !!!

TheLittleFlower said...

I love scarves. Even though its not cold here (where I live) I love them they're so soft and cozy!

desi said...

hehe..winter is gonna be here before we know it! :) yeah!

gloves..yay!! and nice and cosy knitted beanie/hat thingy-magingies..sounds so nice..just put a hot chocolate and a marshmallows with that :)

yes maryx you are right! but the only thing ill change is the high heels. will opt for lower shoesies. :)

Elise..i think that could be very good, i would wear some sort of scarf everyday if i could! :) (dont forget the boots)

nookie said...

I want summer:)
we had a long and very cold winter..buhuu!

loving the outfit!

Julie said...

We have had a very unusally cold winter here in PHX and I have depended on my scarf and socks to keep me warm.

desi said...

:) well this outfit can be modified for summer tooo!!!

i know the feeling...when the winter are too cold and long i also start wishing for summer..birds singing, colorful flowers!!! :)