Monday, April 19, 2010

Give away on The Coterie Blog


The Coterie Blog's giveaways keeps getting better and better!!
This week Nicole of Bird In Flight Boutique is giving away this Wise Little Owl Necklace.

Go HERE to find out how to enter! you can even enter more than once! 


Lana said...

This looks adorable!!
Must enter, hope there's still time!

desi said...

ain't it so cute!!
you've got time till Thursday midnight!:)

Emma Jackson said...

I am getting a little owl obsessed so love this piece!!

I'm actually looking for an owl ring so let me know if you come across one.

desi said...

I'll let you know if i see an owl ring.
I'm also owl obsessed these days!!

desi said...

oh yeah..forgot to tell..I'm selling Owl Brooches soon! :) will show and tell as soon as I'm finished with it all.!