Wednesday, April 14, 2010

lazy, lazier, laziest

I'm not in the mood for work anymore...sooo lazy!!!

Have been out all morning to sites for Health & Safety Inspections and taking photos of everything regarding that. Still have to do the Safety Plan but I'll worry about that tomorrow morning!

But what I am worrying about is my project - one of my projects- that I don't have time for. I've got 2 of the old chairs my cat King is lying on and I want to fix it up. Winter's close and i don't have storage for them, so i HAVE to do it soon, otherwise i can just as well throw it away! :( 
This weekend it's Elzanne & Jacques' wedding. So I can only start next weekend!! Lets hope the rain stays away until then! :)

For now I'll focus on my OTHER (ONE of my other) project(s)! :) Will show you soon!!!

have a great day!!


Maryx said...

Awesome photo's!! Who's the cat?
He looks pretty damn royal if you ask me... Good luck with your projects! I'm SO over work lately.

desi said...

lol!! thanx maryx. that my my awesome cat KING. he is the King of the house! haha

are you SO OVER work lately or Overworked?

Maryx said...

SO OVER work sweetie. I have no motivation for my work anymore because I'm bored silly!! haha Oh well. Wat kan mens doen??

Jy't 'n stunning KING girl. My KING of the house is ook absolutely royal and gorgeous. Hulle kan dit so goed vertoon huh?? =)

Emma Jackson said...

I love your cat! What a beauty. Those are some serious teeth.

And what a great name!!

desi said...

Maryx..Ek voel ook SO OVER work die laaste ruk. couldnt care less, and i can't wait to go home each day! BLECH, i just HAVE to do something about it.
Jip, King's royal alright!
Show us your cat too please!!

Emma..his fangs can hurt too..but he is so cute not to bite too hard when you play with him. such a cutie pie!!! i LOVE HIM!