Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mystery to me

I was 10 when i got my first Tape Radio thingy. Roy Orbison - Mystery Girl was my first tape. Van Morisson my second and Vaya con Dios my third.

I think my Dad did a fine job in introducing me to quality music, good music, soul food.


NACHO said...

Really good music..
By the way, "vaya con Dios" is a nice way to say "good bye", the literal translation it would be "go with God"... You know, that expression is used to wish someone to walk with God on their side.
Have a nice week!

P.S.: I'm sorry if you don't understand what i trying to say.... my english sucks!

desi said...

Hi Nacho!
Nice to see you again. I understand what you say, it's beautiful. I will be saying it from now on.
What language is Vaya con Dios?

NACHO said...

Is Spanish, Desi, my native language.
If one day you travel to Argentina, do not forget to visit my city, Santa Fe, because I'll be waiting for you!