Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Only 3 months left before I am a MRS... :)

and I haven't even started organizing our wedding!! mmmm..let's begin with THE DRESS :)

i LOVE vintage and antique. Just look at these beautifull dresses!!


Leovi said...

Delicious designs, these dresses delightfully sensual, I like the light in these beautiful pictures with exquisite white.

Barn Weddings said...

I love the wedding gown, thanks for sharing this to us and looking forward always for more updates.

desi said...

Thank you for commenting, didnt really know there were actually people still reading my blog! :)

Leovi, i agree with you!
Barn won't believe it but we are getting married in a barn!! :D unfortunately we don't have those beautiful wooden barns here in South Africa :( wouldve been so beautiful!

have a fantastic day!!

AmandaC said...

Love the dresses! My sister just got a gorgeous wedding gown from Daughters Of Simone you should definitely check it out! Good luck on the hunt!!! XOXO Amanda

desi said...

Hi Amanda, Thank you for the reference, WOW those dresses are absolutely amazinngggggg!!! and not expensive at all

Have a great day!!!

Rachel said...


Do you know where you found that second dress? I'm getting to ready to go wedding dress shopping and would LOVE to try that on! Thank you =]