Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chewy Tuesday

To eat, or not to eat

When I was standing inline at KFC..VERY HUNGRY..I thought, ooooeee, let me try something new and blog about it if its REALLY nice!

I decided to try out this new Famous Bowl....

So, after I ate it I decided that I'm NOT going to blog about the Famous Bowl.

have a nice day!



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I had something similar at a KFC here, instead of the corn it was saturated with mashed potatoes. My two days of tummy troubles taught me to stay far away from now on! Junk food....

desi said...

Their Famous Bowls are JUNK yes, but try the Boxmaster or Zinger Burger! Now THAT is YUMMMMM!!!!!!

Lucy said...

I wouldn't blog about KFC bowl either but you gave me a good laugh. One problem you make me so hungry, with your cooking.

desi said...

haha lucy,

Wait for tomorrow's recipe, THEN you'll be hungry! ;)