Thursday, May 14, 2009

out of town

i took a trip to the west coast for a few days....gone from everyone and everything into a new quiet world..just here for 2 days...and a half..only 2 and a half days...but WELL WORTH IT!!

I made one label KNOWLEDGE. The reason for that is because I'm spending a lot of time with my Grandfather and Grandmother. The 2 wisest people ever!!
have a great friday!!!!



A human kind of human said...

I adore the West Coast. Lived there for 6 years in total and would move back there at the drop of a hat. However, my husband has Asthma and unfortunately the sea air is deadly for him now, so here I am, kinda trapped in Limpopo. Where does your grandfolks live?

desi said...

Yes, the west coast is really amazing..I miss it everyday since I moved to Cape Town.
I didn't know that Sea air is bad for you if you have asthma?
My granparents live in Lutzville, near Vredendal, 60km past Lambertsbay.
:) you ever been there?

A human kind of human said...

I know where it is, but I cannot say that I know it. Depending on the type of Asthma, sea air can be very bad for it. Up here in Limpopo his Asthma does not bother him at all.