Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sishen Bridge

Can anyone remember the post on my photoblog, Kayla Layla ? The photos was taken on the famous Sishen Bridge that lies between Lutzville and Vredendal on the West Coast of South Africa.

Interesting facts about the Sishen Saldanha Railway Bridge.
- total length of 1.035km
- it's divided into 23 sections of 45m each
- each sections weighs 610 tons
- the deck of the bridge weighs 141 000 ton
- the deck was pushed into position with the aid of hydraulic jacks
- it's the longest bridge in the world that was build with this method
- the supporting pillars rest on pylons that's driven 45m into the river bed
- the highest pillar measures 52.5 m
- designed and completed by the French company Spie Batignolles in 1976

Here are a few photos

We were in the middel of the bridge when we saw the train coming!! We had nowhere to go, so we just found a corner and waited! This is the photo I managed to snatch!!



A human kind of human said...

These are amazing photos. We were living in Saldanha when the Sishen/Saldanha project was nearing completion and I can still remember the excitement when the first train load of iron ore arrived.

desi said...

Our company did a shutdown on the Sishen rail the last month. Quite hectic.
I thought Sea air are good for Asthma sufferers?