Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I need :

- A hot bath
- Sleep
- A new box of tissues
- A good dose of Sinumax
- Strawberry flavoured water
- A quiet house

and I need it NOW!


boss said...

which is the order? :)

desi said...

lol!! i think ALL of them are equally important...but in the order I typed them they will be perfect!

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

I think a hot bath followed by a movie in bed would be awesome right about now.

desi said...

Haha!! yeaahhhh!! but i am tooooo tired..i'll pass out before the movie starts!


Queen said...

hi desi, you have been tagged plaese go to my blog for more info

Anonymous said...

Hi, Desi! How are things going?

I listen to Nightwish since 1999, when Oceanborn was released. Tarja was my inspiration when I started to study classical singing, what I do till these days. Changing vocalists is dangerous, sometimes. Some bands lose many fans when do this. Talking about Nightwish, I think the change brought a new breath to the band. Anette is a great singer, I really like her voice. Is her voice different from Tarja's voice? Yep! But, even so, it's a beautiful voice. No matter what people say about her, I still supporting Nightwish, cause the band isn't just Anette, is Tuomas, Marco, Emmpu and Jukka. They're a group and do a fantastic job together. That's what
I think! Nightwish rulz a lot! ;-)

Hugs from Brasil! :D

desi said...

Hy G├ęssica!

Wow, thanx for my msg! :D
I haven't really listened to a lot of the new where Anette is singing. She definately has a total different voice and at first i was a little disappointed in the change. But yes, its not ALL about the voice, the music is just as important. i like there instrumentals a lot!

i like your blog a lot!
have a good weekend!!


Mellisoo said...

I hope you're feeling better, and got everything you needed last week :)

Anna said...

aww sounds like you need some rest!

Anonymous said...

Hei, gorgeous!

Thanks for your visits and contact! Do you like photography, right? I'm a photographer
and keep learning more and more about it every day. We'd change our experiences! What do you think? I'll post some photos taken by me in my blog very soon. Hope you like. Well, this is everything for the moment...

A big kiss for you from a brasilian friend! :P

Keep the contact!