Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Berlin 1926-1930


boss said...

Beautiful photos!

bookmanie said...

Hi Desi, I apologize for making a topic in the comments of your article, but I contacted you because I am a little bored. It's about your vote on religions. (Right column of your blog). I want to know if there are ways to tick all the boxes, is this possible? Or if none of them interest me, the "other" bothers me a lot. "Other", this means nothing, maybe the one who created this gadjet, yes, but for me the definition of another word means nothing. Give me the definition of "other", "nothing", "nowhere", how you see them in your consciousness. For there is no "amalgam between us, I can tell you that I do not belong to any sect. Bookmanie.

thingsIlove said...


. said...

felicitaciones!!! congratulations!!!

Photo_Vigor said...

Very historical but love the second picture...

desi said...

Thanx boss!! I like your black and white pics at the sea. Both are very nice!!

Things I Love : Thanx! Thank you for stopping by, i went to look at you blog and I also love some of the things you love!! That wooden furniture and the heart coffee at elfornet!!!! :D Thank you!!! What language do you speak? I love your profile pic! ;)

Photo Vigor..yes, very historical..between the 2 world wars..i love history!!! thank you!!

yes..i think you can tick all boxes..if all religions interest you, you should do that! well..the "OTHER" I'm referring to is the religion that I'm not listing here or even know of! I only put in the most common and those I know..the 'other' can be Jehovah's Witness, Roman Catholic, Atheist etc etc..i think there is quite a lot of other religions..
I was brought up in a Christian home but are half Jewish blood..I also do not belong to any sect. I BELIEVE..but in the spiritual way. not in an organised or pressured way at all.
hope it answers your question! I must still answer on your light and colours question on my photography blog.... :)
bye for now!

bookmanie said...

Hi dear desi. Thank you for your answer, very complete. I am pleased to note that there are people that take account of feedback from their loyal subscribers. bookmanie.

Being Brazen said...

great photos

desi said...

thanks to you too Bookmanie, I like questions! keep them ask interesting ones!

Thanx brazen!
you cold there by the mountain? i see the clouds moving this way! :O