Thursday, July 23, 2009

in recovery..

My babygirl is recovering from her operation...shame..feel so sorry for her!!

But it was either this or wouldve had 6 little kittens in a few weeks' time!!



Being Brazen said...

Poor kitty...hope its all better soon

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a sweetie pie! I hope she recovers well! :)

desi said...

Thanx Brazen, i think shes feeling much better already..playing with her brother..!haha

Hey Rain!! Missing you!!! She's doing well, Hope you are doing well too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Desi!!! I'm doing fabulous! I needed a bloggy break, lol. I started to feel too stressed out so it's a good thing because it gives me more time to read my faves (like yours!!!) :) When I start blogging again, I'll let you know! So far, I got a lot of entries for the "Hands"...they are really cool! Can't wait to see yours!!!

Penny said...

I had my girl spayed at 5 months,I just couldn't risk her having kittens,because I know I could never give them away.

desi said...

Rain...i have NO clue what I'm going to do for the July theme...but I'm working it..I'll know when i see it!! :D

Penny..yessssss...but i always wait till the last..haha
kittens are so cute, I would also want to keep ALL OF THEM!!!

Anna said...

poor kitty! feel better xo

Fin said...

Purrs to your healthy recovery! You're a beauty.