Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mousey in the office

ain't that so cute!! so smaaaalllllll but he chewed on all my Cup a Soup!

Mickey jumped out of the cup after the photos so now we have to catch him AGAIN!! :D

Are you scared of mice?


Being Brazen said...

awww cuteness. I am not scared of mice...I fear and loathe mainly bugs and spiders :)

Caz said...

sooo cute!!

Helen said...

that's so cute! I'm not afraid of them, but I'd be quite annoyed if one chewed all my cuppa-soup... even if he was that cute!

Penny said...

I am scared to death of any rodent (mice,rats,hamsters) - if it looks like a mouse,I'm scared of it.But I like spiders and snakes.

Does that make me weird?

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

It's so small. I just wanna squeeze it out of love. not scared of them but wouldn't like to find them in my kitchen! also hate bugs. Grossies!

Robine said...

Very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, that little bugger ate your noodles...too funny. I like mice when they don't surprise me! When they just zoom by out of nowhere, I'm the typical EEEEEEEEEK type of girl! :)

Fin said...

I think my mouth is watering.. though I would never eat the little fella.

Fin the Cat

desi said...

Being Brazen..yes very cute!!!
do you live or work in the City? I have heard stories of GIANT rats in the streets..i dont think THAT's cute..

Cas..yeah VEEEERYYY! thanx for stopping by!

Helen..i WAS a bit annoyed cos it was a lotta cup-a-soup..but not for lonnngggggg...aaaawwwwwwwww

Penny.. I like all the animals, but wouldnt like one jumping on me and surprising me...I guess if youre from a farm or small town it would be like OKAY to like snakes and spiders! ;)

Skinny Bitches..nope, i don't mind the mousies here at work now and then...but DEFINATELY not at my home...BUT i don't worry about that cos Ive got THREE very playful and hungry-for-mice-&-birds cats at home! :D


Rain...EEEEKKKK, yeah, I would too if it got me by surprise!

Fin the cat..I'm sure if you saw this cuteness in front of you your heart will soften! I also think he is just about big enough as a starter, so I'll try and find you a main course!


Anna said...

sooo cute! Strangely enough I'm not afraid of mice, but am completely terrified of small jumping spiders. So sad.

Aunt Juicebox said...

We used to get mice at parents house all the time. I had a hole in my closet and that's how they would get into my room. I'd bring pieces of bread up and put it in the closet to feed them. :)