Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my morning...

I need FOKOL!!! ;)

those who understand Afrikaans..Click on pic to make bigger and READ!

okay, let me tell you about MY morning.......

The day began..a bit late, AFTER six.
I couldnt shower cos SOMEONE..uhummm, accidentally switched off the geyser last night. (oooops!!)
I was late for work..AGAIN
I went to the post office, locked my carkeys in the car. I was thinking "Oh, don't worry uve got the spares in your bag" NO? not in my bag. :|
A guy from work fetched me and dropped me off at home..but since the housekeys are also in the car i try to navigate my sister through the door to find the Bakkie keys...nope, no luck.
I climb on the neighbour's boat, jump on the wall..the WET wall, and find my way down.(see, i'm still a farmgirl). now the search begins..okay, i got the bakkie keys, but still no luck with the spares. after a half n hour's search in EVERY corner of EVERY room I give up and jump through kitchen window and come to work. As I'm on my way to phone a locksmith I look in my desk drawer and VOILA!!! SPAREKEYS!! thank you thank you! so now i had to go ask the guy from work again..(very embarrassed by this time)...for a lift..

never a dull moment!!!!


Helen said...

I need fokol too! That's awesome!!!

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

shame, sounds like a sucky morning. at least now it's all over and it's like two more hours till home time. yeah!
cool wine!

desi said...

Helen..hehehe, FOKOL tastes like fokol! but it does its job! lol!
(fyi:helen is my second name!)

Skinny biatches : It was one WEIRD day..and no..i work till 18h00!!!! so 3 more sucky hours! :) i'll maar blog to pass time.. ;)

Rhiccups said...

Stopping by from Being Brazen! Nice to read other local blogs!

desi said...

Hi Rhiccups...

Thanx for stopping by! :D see you again!