Thursday, April 15, 2010

Project 1

Hairclips I made on easter weekend

A bit skew though..but not toooooooooo bad for a first try!! :) i'm chuffed!

I'm already busy with project 3...will show you pics of P2 & P3 when i'm totally done!! :)



NACHO said...

Not bad at all!!!
So, how are you?? I'm fine, with some mad desire to travel, but leaving that aside, I'm not complaining...
I'm still single, and I do complain about that..... and.... well... I guess thats all... lately nothing new happens to me.... :P

Sarah said...

They're lovely! I love hair clips - if there's one accessory I think you can never have enough off it's hair accessories! I like the green one the best :)


Simply-Mel said...

Hey hey! I like these, and being creatively challenged I am thinking I *may* be able to do this...and we are always needing clips in this ere house.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - am enjoying perusing yours and shall be back!

Monique Boucher said...

Oh wow, first try?! You could’ve fooled me, these clips are too cute! Are you planning on selling them? You could.

Maryx said...

Oh wow how creative!!! =) I'm officially jealous! Looks great sweetie!

desi said...

Wow thanx everyone!! :) also got the bug..its all i want to do, but its not always possible so i try to make the best of what i currently have. and not having a girlfriend is sometimes the wisest thing! :D

Hey Sarah..i agree!! thats why i started with the hairclips. and it's also makes cool gifts!

Simply-Mel .. you don't have to be tooo creative to do it. you just have to have a picture and the material and some patience for the first one or 2. after that it becomes much easier! AND if your kid say what color and what they like its even more easier..ask me, i'm the most indecisive person ever! i can't even decide between dark green or light green. :O

Monique...yes selling is in the pipeline but first i have a few other stuff i have to conquer first. THen im coming in with a bang! **I hope** :) I must make a bunh of clips for my sister's entrepeneurs day at her school. so it's a start! :)

Maryx..thanx a bunch friend. :D