Thursday, April 15, 2010

is it? sister is funny...haha..check out her "TODAYS TEN"

This cracked me up
" 6. Favourite bite - the clasically yummy Zoo Cookies (animal cookies with icing ; can vegetarians eat those?? should they worry about being politically correct then? :P just kidding.)   "


Zoo Cookies is the yummiest coolest cookies EVAH!
i posted about it HERE


Helen said...

Zoo biscuits ROCK! Although my vegetarian friends can't eat them. We have a game where you have to guess the animal before you can eat it. The squirrel took HOURS!

desi said...

yeah it sometimes take quite a while to figure the animal out!

desi said...

oi Helen, i see i always here from you when i post about Zoo Cookies! heehee! what other food do you like? :) jk

have a great day!